Modules Infiltration Drainage Tanks


On Surface: Permeable Paver – Grass or Gravel

1″ x 1.64′ x 1.97 =3.23 square feet

Applications: Green Roofs, Planter Boxes, Sport Fields and Retaining Walls

2″ X 12″ X 19.6″ = 1.64 square feet

Applications: Gravel Pavers, Turf-Parking Lots, under Drains, French Drain and many others uses.

ECORAIN TANKS – Modules Infiltration Drainage System

Underground: Septic Leach System, Septic Tanks, Under Parking Lots Cistern and Impermeable Surface Drainage

New at Bourget Bros. Building Materials ECORAIN Modules for infiltration tanks and cistern! Lower overall cost! Dig less than half the Hole! and carry the equivalent of over 3,000 lbs of gravel!

Water collected from many surfaces transported via pipe to an EcoRain tank, allows for detention &/or aquifer infiltration

EcoRain Tanks assemble & connect in 10 Heights from .79″ to 7.12″  all tanks are 1.34′ wide x 2.25 long.