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  • Arizona Flagstone Buff Patio Pavers

    Arizona Flagstone Buff Patio Pavers are popular for their southwest colors and bold texture reminiscent of the Earth’s core. Buff is more subtle than other Arizona flagstone sandstone patio pavers exhibiting lovely pinks and desert sand colors. We are located in the West Los Angeles Area

    Bourget Flagstone Co. provides Arizona Sandstone in irregular sized slabs that vary in thickness from 1/2″ – 2 1/4″. Arizona Sandstone is sold in three thicknesses:

    Thin: 1/2″ – 1-1/4″ 140+ sq ft/ton
    Regular: 1″ – 1-3/4″ 90+ sq ft/ton
    Thick: 1-1/2″ – 2-1/4″ 60+ sq ft/ton

  • Arto Roman Tile and Pavers

    Arto Roman Tile and Pavers are versatile and easy to install.  They may be spaced with wide gaps or placed closely together to create patios, walkways, and even driveways. All shapes and sizes are available 1′ thick for mortar set, or 2″ thick for sand set.


    Flat surface with crisp edges, 1″ thick for mortar application to floors and walls in both interior and exterior installations.

    Sizes available:

    • 6″ x 6″, 8″x 8″, 12″ x 12′, 16″ x 16″, 18″ x 18″, 24″ X 24″, and 36″ x 36″


    • Stocked color Sidewalk Gray. Special orders colors available


    • Stocked Texture Smooth. Also availabel in a Travertine, Limestone and Luna Finish.


    Flat surfrace with crisp edges; 2′ thick for sand set or mortar applications including patios.

    Sizes available:

    • 6′”x 12″, 8″ x 12″, 10″ x 12″, 8″ x 16″, 12″ x 18″, 8″ x 24″, 12″ x 24″, 16″ x 24″ and 18″ x 24″


  • Bluestone Cobblestone Pavers

    Bluestone is a beautiful blue gray, green, brown and rust colored sandstone, that is ideal for use as paving.

    Bluestone Cobblestone Pavers Sizes:

    6″x6″x2″ tumbled squares.

    Coverage: 6″x6″ squares – 4 pc = 1 sq./ft.

    Bourget Flagstone Co. is a unique supplier of tumbled and sawcut natural stone cobblestones. These gorgeous pavers provide charm and character by giving depth and rich texture to hardscape design. Our cobblestones provide a contemporary alternative to irregular flagstone or concrete pavers.

  • Bluestone Full Color Tile Paving

    Bluestone Ledger Home with Bluestone Full Color Tile Paving – Be Inspired

    Troncoso Masonry Design of Southern California created this stunning bluestone home using Bourget Flagstone Co. ledger veneer.

    From the artistry of the bluestone thick ledger entry columns, to the thick ledger veneer adorning the home’s facade and bluestone cut tile flooring, this home is a masterpiece.

  • Bluestone Random Pattern Pavers

    ONE OF OUR MOST TREASURED ITEMS, Pennsylvania Bluestone random pattern pavers is a beautiful sandstone with a pleasing natural variation of colors perfect for patios and used as a landscape design element.

    Our special selected bluestone random pattern pavers have a natural cleft, which is hard and durable perfect for patios.

    Our Bluestone tiles are sold in Blue-Blue or Full Color options, which include varying blue-greens, grays, rusts, and purple shades.


    Random selection of square and rectangle shaped tiles from 12″x12″ to 24″x36″. Sold in a choice of 1/2″, 1″, 1-1-1/2″ thicknesses. Blue color is sold in 1″ thickness only.

    All bluestone tiles are cut 1/2″ shy of a full ft.

  • Bluestone Thermal Wall Caps and Stair Treads

    Bluestone thermal wall caps and stair treads is a natural quartzitic sandstone , our thermal bluestone wall caps, stair treads and paving is a excellent choice for your project.

    Available Colors: Variegated, blue blue and green-brown

    Available Sizes:


    Length –  3′, 4′, 5′ and 6′

    Width – 12″, and 16″

    Thickness: 2″

    Length: 3′, 4′, 5′,  and 6′

    Width: 12′, 14″ and 16″ (Blue Blue 18″)

  • Bluestone Tile Entryway

    Ah Bluestone Tiles! This most coveted of sandstone tiles have been beautifully used throughout this Southern California backyard.

    ONE OF OUR MOST TREASURED ITEMS, Pennsylvania Bluestone is a beautiful sandstone tile with a pleasing natural variation of colors.

    Our special selected random pattern bluestone tiles have a natural cleft, which is hard and durable and will not disintegrate in any climate.

  • Cobblestone Paving

    We carry gorgeous Sweetwater sandstone, Bluestone, Lompoc, and Granite cobblestones that are square cut and tumbled to provide rustic charm.

    Bourget Flagstone Co. is a unique supplier of tumbled and sawcut natural stone cobblestones. Our cobblestones provide a contemporary alternative to irregular flagstone or concrete pavers.

    Visit our natural stone showroom at 1810 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, or give us a call 310.829.4010, x 721

  • Concrete Stepping Stones

    Concrete stepping stones are an easy and inexpensive way to provide access to planting areas, create pathways to hard-to-reach spots and help prevent disturbance in sensitive areas.

    Smooth natural stepping stones are available in: 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 18″x18″, 18″x24″, 24″x24″, 24″x36″

    Smooth buff stepping stones are available in: 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 18″x18″, 18″x24″

    Bourget Bros. Building Materials and Bourget Flagstone Co. both carry a selection of options to help meet your needs.  Give us a call for more information.


  • Flagstone Charcoal Quartzite Patio Pavers

    Charcoal Quartzite Flagstone Patio Pavers

  • Flagstone Santa Fe Buff Sandstone Pavers

    SANTA FE BUFF SANDSTONE PATIO FLAGSTONE PAVERS are a dense, light brown and tan sandstone perfect for outdoor paving or thin veneer. Santa Fe Buff is a subtle and non-imposing sandstone that is both airy and substantial.

    Sandstone is also highly resistant to abrasion and is a naturally non-slip surface.

    Sold in either 1/2″ to 2-1/2″ thick, stand-up, or large pieces; or 1″ to 2″ thick patio pieces.

    Coverage: 1-1/2″ to 2″ = 65 sq.ft./ton; 1″ to 2″ = 100 sq.ft./ton approx.

  • Flagstone Sweetwater Multiblend Pavers

    Sweetwater Multiblend Flagstone Pavers are a sandstone superior in hardness, consistency and smoothness to other flagstone in its class. This flagstone contains rich, variegated colors of tans, browns and chocolates.

    SIZES: All sizes available from Bourget Flagstone Co.

    1) Smaller than 1″ thick patio (small pieces)
    2) 1″ to 1-3/4″ thick patio (small pieces)
    3) 1″ to 1-3/4″ thick slabs
    4) 2″ thick patio (small pieces)
    5) 2″ thick tumbled (SPECIAL ORDER ONLY)
    6) 3″ thick patio (small pieces)
    7) 2″ to 2-3/4″ slabs