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  • Bluestone Cube

    Bluestone cubes are hand made by Bourget’s fabrication staff. These cubes are made out of bluestone and will enhance your landscape or patio areas to give you a modern feel. These planters could also be turned into a water feature.

    SKU: 31082
    Price: $5,000.00


  • Onyx Bird Bath

    Bourget is always creating unique pieces of landscape accents. Check out this Mexican onyx bird bath we have created in our fabrication shop. We can create your own personal “Stone Art piece”.

    Sku. 33218


  • Rustic Limestone Planters

    Rustic limestone planters, hand made by Bourget’s fabrication staff. These are solid limestone blocks hand carved to dress up any landscape or patio areas to give you and old world feel. These planters could also be turned into a water feature to give you peace and serenity.

    SKU: 31082
    Price: $5,000.00


  • Spillway Bowl and Basin Landscape Fountain Kit

    The Aquascape Spillway Bowl and Basin Landscape Fountain Kit bundles the perfect combination of products, providing a unique, easy-to-install kit which includes everything you need to create an impressive, recirculating fountain. The included Spillway Bowl and Spillway Basin are constructed of durable GFRC and display a unique patina finish, providing a long-lasting, elegant, multi-step fountain ideal for any setting. The included AquaBasin® 45 is a sub-surface water basin is able to store up to 98 gallons, minimizing maintenance significantly. Constructed of professional-grade, high density polyethylene and backed by a lifetime warranty, the basin will provide features and benefits that eliminate guesswork, improve water circulation, and increase accessibility. An extremely energy-efficient Ultra Water Pump is included to circulate the water through the fountain, and the included pipe and fittings makes installation easier than ever. Aquascape is passionate about the products we produce, providing unique products, designs, and features that stand above the competition.

  • Water Features

    Custom made from natural stone, these fountains are striking in appearance and provide a serene, calming effect from the sound of gentle running water. Our onyx fountains not only look stunning, but add tranquility to listen to in your landscape setting.

    Bourget Bros. Building Materials and Bourget Flagstone Co. both carry a stunning display of these items.  Alongside carrying fountain basins, we also stock a range of fountain pumps to ensure you will have everything you need to create a truly unique water feature.




    These heavy-duty plastic water basins are designed to withstand heavy stone columns and boulders to create beautiful water features. They are designed to be buried into the ground for a pleasing, natural look.

    Fill with pebbles and top with one of our stunning basalt columns, ceramic pots, or other main fountain feature.

    Available in multiple styles and sizes.