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  • Bluestone Cube

    Bluestone cubes are hand made by Bourget’s fabrication staff. These cubes are made out of bluestone and will enhance your landscape or patio areas to give you a modern feel. These planters could also be turned into a water feature.

    SKU: 31082
    Price: $5,000.00


  • Brick

    Bourget Bros. carries an extensive selection of Castaic, common and genuine used brick. We are also proud Arto Brick Distributors. Arto Brick products are handcrafted to mimic natural brick, but have the rugged durability of a concrete product.

    Give us a call at 310.450.6556, x 221 for more information.

  • Broken Concrete

    Breaking up and relaying concrete is an ecologically sound way to refurbish existing concrete. Broken-up pieces of sidewalk or used concrete paving stones can be used to build new paths, walkways or raised planters around your home and yard.  The process is extremely cost effective and helps re-purpose product that may otherwise have ended up in a landfill.

    Give us a call at 310.829.4010, x 721 to learn more about options.


  • Cobblestone Paving

    We carry gorgeous Sweetwater sandstone, Bluestone, Lompoc, and Granite cobblestones that are square cut and tumbled to provide rustic charm.

    Bourget Flagstone Co. is a unique supplier of tumbled and sawcut natural stone cobblestones. Our cobblestones provide a contemporary alternative to irregular flagstone or concrete pavers.

    Visit our natural stone showroom at 1810 Colorado Avenue in Santa Monica, or give us a call 310.829.4010, x 721

  • Concrete Stepping Stones

    Concrete stepping stones are an easy and inexpensive way to provide access to planting areas, create pathways to hard-to-reach spots and help prevent disturbance in sensitive areas.

    Smooth natural stepping stones are available in: 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 18″x18″, 18″x24″, 24″x24″, 24″x36″

    Smooth buff stepping stones are available in: 12″x12″, 12″x24″, 18″x18″, 18″x24″

    Bourget Bros. Building Materials and Bourget Flagstone Co. both carry a selection of options to help meet your needs.  Give us a call for more information.


  • Decomposed Granite (DG)

    Decomposed granite is like gravel, but finer and generally more stable.  The DG sold as landscaping material is typically composed of fine 3/8-inch (or smaller) particles;  with colors that vary from buff to brown, and include various shades of gray, black, red, and green.

    Bourget Building Materials carries a great selection of DG to meet all of your landscaping needs.  Typically sold in 75# individual bags or 3000# super bags. Give us a call at 310.450.6556, x 221



  • Decorative Crushed Glass

    Crushed glass adds sparkle & color to your landscape ground cover, fire pit, fireplace or water feature. This beautiful alternative to gravel is 100% recycled, with most of it being re-melted and re-processed to ensure a mostly consistent color and size.

    Bourget Bros. Building Materials stocks an exciting selection of color options to meet all of your landscaping needs.  Visit our store at 1636 11th St in Santa Monica, or give us a call at 310.450.6556, x 221

  • Decorative Gravel

    Decorative gravel is an extremely attractive and affordable option for transforming your landscape into the one of your dreams.  When people think of gravel, their mind often jumps to light, dusty gray pebbles. Decorative gravel for landscaping, however, offers a myriad of colors and textures to suit almost any taste.

    Bourget Bros. Building Materials and Bourget Flagstone Co. offer an extended selection of decorative gravel types and colors that perfectly complement your landscape designs.


  • Drains & Drain Covers

    Bourget Bros. Building Materials stocks a full line of cast metal and plastic grates – our decorative drains covers can add the finishing touch to a pedestrian area or driveway, adding interest and value, much like any quality upgrade.

    Give us a call at 310.450.6556, x 221.

  • Flagstone

    Flagstone is a collective term used to describe natural rocks used for walkways, patios, and for stacking in a stone wall. They are generally pretty flat, and like “flags”, come in a wide range of colors.

    Flagstone sizes depend on quarry and type of stone, as the size of piece can vary from 8″ to 3 feet.    Thickness can range from from +/- 1″ to 2 1/2″


    +/- 1″ 150 to 180 sq ft per ton

    1″ to 2″ 70 to 120 sq ft per ton

    1 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ 50 to 80 sq ft per per ton.

    Bourget Flagstone Co. carries an impressive selection of flagstone at our 1810 Colorado Avenue location in Santa Monica.  We invite you to visit our natural stone showroom and stone yard to see all that we have to offer.  Our expert staff will help you achieve whatever designs you have in mind.   Call us at 310.829.4010, x 721



    New item at Bourget Bros.! Our glow in the dark glass is made of photo luminescent materials which have the ability to both absorb and emit light.  As ambient darkness occurs, the glass becomes highly visible, lasting for at least 8 hours and has an expected lifespan of 20 years. The glass will not shrink, doesn’t swell in the heat, is non-toxic and can be polished like any aggregate. The materials contain no phosphorous or lead. Colors available: Blue-Green, Sky Blue and Yellow-Green. The glass itself is available in the following chip sizes: 1/8″-1/4″, 1/4″-3/8″ and 3/8″-1/2″. Glass is sold in the following size bags: 1 lb bag $13.59 5 lb bag $61.16 lb bag $115.52

  • La Paz Pebbles

    Bourget Bros. Building Materials  and Bourget Flagstone Co. carry a vast selection of La Paz pebbles, in a wide array of colors and sizes. They are naturally tumbled smooth by rivers and the sea, and are ideal for use as decorative ground cover, as accents to water features or to enhance a garden path.

    Many of our pebbles are available in the following sizes: 1/2″ – 1″, 1″ – 2″, 2″ – 3″, and 3″ – 5″ , with some available in 6″ – 8″, and are sold in 75 lb. bags or 3000lb. super bags.