Multi-Blend Cobblestone Pavers

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  • Multi Blend Sweetwater Cobblestone Pavers

    are made of rich, beautiful Oklahoma sandstone with a dark to light brown color variance tumbled and cut into 4×4 cobbles to create a beautiful rustic patio, driveway, or veneer.

    Multi Blend Sweetwater Cobblestone Paver SIZES:

    4″x4″x2″ (covers 65 sq ft per ton)

    4″x4″x4″ (covers 45 sq ft per ton)

    Bourget Flagstone Co. is a unique supplier of tumbled and sawcut natural stone cobblestones. These gorgeous pavers provide charm and character by giving depth and rich texture to hardscape design.

  • Sweetwater Cobblestone Deck

    Designer Alison Flesch of Southern California designed this beautiful and modern cobblestone patio using Bourget Flagstone Co’s sweetwater cobblestone pavers with wood decking.

    Cobblestone pavers evoke an old world feel with rich texture and dimension. Our cobblestone pavers come in many varieties, including reclaimed and recycled European granite, bluestone and limestone.

  • Sweetwater Cobblestone Driveway

    Sweetwater Cobblestone Driveway

    Some of the most coveted homes in Los Angeles are located in Brentwood, just north of Santa Monica. A favorite paving material in the Brentwood area is natural Sweetwater Oklahoma sandstone cobblestones from our Bourget Flagstone Co. location.

    We carry gorgeous Sweetwater sandstone, Bluestone, Lompoc, and Granite cobblestones that are square cut and tumbled to provide rustic charm.

    The richness in texture and color of natural cobblestones is unsurpassed and superior to concrete paving materials.

  • Tumbled Cobblestone Driveway

    This tumbled cobblestone driveway in Calabasas California utlizes beautiful Oklahoma Sweetwater Sandstone tumbled into brick-shaped cobblestones.

    The tan, brown and reds of this particular cobblestone make for an organic, textural experience that can only be captured through natural stone.

    The driveway was designed by Gerardo Troncoso of Troncoso Masonry Design.