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  • Colorado Center

    Bourget Flagstone Co. had the opportunity to supply this gorgeous Hi Desert thin ledger wall stone to Santa Monica’s Colorado Center.

    The beauty of this icon of Santa Monica is unparalleled and still represents one of the most outstanding commercial buildings in the city. The stand-out effect of the pairing of Hi Desert wall rock and Bluestone flagstone paving is coveted all over the world.

  • Deep Ocean Veneer

    Deep Ocean Veneer is dominated by dark shades of aquamarine and shadowy blue, woven with bands of quartz, accentuated with hints of black and tinges of rusty brown oxide.

    Face height 2″,4″ & 6″
    Length 12″ to 36″
    All edges sawn

  • Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Pool

    The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel Pool used Sweetwater Flagstone from Bourget Flagstone Co. in 2006 to recreate Hollywood glamor.

    One of the hottest spots to see and be seen in Hollywood, the historic Roosevelt Hotel pool was completely renovated using Bourget Flagstone Co. Sweetwater Flagstone paving.

    Mia Lehrer and Associates and Dodd Mitchel Design used Bourget Flagstone Co. natural stone to create this landmark setting complete with a David Hockney-painted pool.

  • Narrow Modular Pavers

    Distinctive precast concrete Narrow Modular Pavers by Stepstone are a uniquely versatile and sophisticated product capable of enhancing any landscape. Originally designed for a university, the long and linear Narrow Modular Paver has been dubbed the new brick. This break from old-style pavers provides an amazing modern look for your homes patio, pool deck, or front walkway!

  • Natural Stone Garden Bench

    A Natural Stone Garden Bench will add elegance and a feeling of personal touch to your outdoor space.

    Natural Stone is a long lasting item and usually will weather to a nice patina. We have a nice selection to choose from in store, as well as custom made options

    Natural Stone Garden Benches vary in size from 38″ to 58″ in length.

    Available Stone:

    Bluestone, Sweetwater, Lompoc, Arizona Pink, Classic Grey Limestone, and Hi Desert.

  • Oakwood Sandstone Pool Deck

    This beautiful sandstone flagstone pool deck in Southern California uses our Oakwood Sandstone Flagstone.

    Oakwood Sandstone Flagstone is a dense, light brown and tan stone, that is subtle and non-imposing yet substantial.

    Sandstone makes a wonderful material for pool decks because it is a naturally non-slip surface that is resistant to abrasion.

  • Santa Monica History Museum Travertine Flooring & Dedication Wall

    In late 2009, Bourget Bros. was approached by the committee working on the design of the new, state-of-the-art permanent location for the Santa Monica History Museum to donate natural stone for their project. Bourget Bros. enthusiastically donated travertine lobby flooring, travertine tile for the museum’s restrooms, fabricated stone countertops, and the museum’s granite Wall of Legacy.

    In October 2010, Bourget Bros. was honored by the Santa Monica museum as being an integral part of Santa Monica’s history as well as its preservation.