Artificial Turf Grass

Artificial Turf Grass

Artificial Grass Available in Santa Monica, CA

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As another weekend approaches, you groan at the idea of mowing and watering your lawn. You’ve already spent countless hours on upkeep, but to no avail. Despite your best efforts, your grass still turns brown and withers away at the slightest increase in temperature.

With artificial grass, however, you can maintain your yard’s look year-round—and without added time or expenses.

Take Advantage of Synthetic Grass

At Bourget Bros. Building Materials and Bourget Flagstone Co., we understand just how much you put into your property’s visual appeal. To help you maintain your dream yard, we offer artificial grass built to last. With this material, you’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Pet-friendly. When you have pets who tear into or kill your grass, find a more durable solution. Artificial grass for dogs, cats, and other pets withstands even the most rambunctious of animals.
  • Low maintenance. Unlike real turf, synthetic grass doesn’t require fertilizing, mowing or watering to look beautiful. So you’ll have fewer expenses when you install this low-maintenance product.
  • Environmentally friendly. When you add artificial turf to your property, you choose a product that doesn’t attract insects. And since you won’t have to spray this grass with pesticides and other chemicals, you preserve the environment as well.
  • Increased durability. Artificial grass resists high temperatures and excessive wear and tear that traditional grass can’t endure. So, you and your family can spend more time playing on evergreen grass without the fear of damaging it.

Rely on Our Expertise

Since 1947, our knowledgeable staff has helped Santa Monica, CA residents like you with all their landscaping needs. But our expertise doesn’t stop at landscaping alone. We’ve also worked in the concrete manufacturing, masonry, and plumbing industries. When you choose us as your landscaping materials provider, you work with skilled professionals who know exactly how to meet your diverse needs.

Start Your Renovations Today

Take charge of your property’s look and upgrade your landscape. For more information about artificial turf grass, call us at (310) 829-4010 or fill out our convenient contact form.

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