So Much More In Store To Discover

So Much More In Store To Discover

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Bourget Bros. Building Materials and Bourget Flagstone Co. offer a full array of decorative and landscaping options to help turn any design dream into a reality. Our buyers are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products and go to great lengths to ensure that we are sourcing from only the finest suppliers in the market.

We offer an extensive collection of custom water features and fountains, all made in house by our team of expert craftsmen.  Natural stone garden benches and decorative stone art are displayed at both of our locations, and can also be custom tailored to your exact specifications.

Both stores have a large open display of pebbles, crushed glass and decorative gravel where you can literally touch the assortment to obtain samples.

Our vast selection of Xeriscape landscape materials is the perfect solution for those looking to conserve water while still maintaining an attractive outdoor space.  We look forward to sharing how you can create a beautiful landscape design using eco-friendly products such as recycled glass and pebble groundcovers.

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