Bluestone Driveway

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This driveway and retaining wall is crafted from full color Bluestone Ledger, with a striking flagstone cap on the wall.

Pennsylvania Bluestone is a soft, warm blue sandstone. Its rich texture and natural cleft surface make it a wonderful stone for building and highly coveted in Southern California.

Stacked Stone Fireplace

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Arctic white stacked stone panels are used here for dramatic effect on this stunning fireplace wall and column.  The subtle variation in color and textural look create a beautiful center piece for the room.

Sierra Blue Stone Accent Home

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This beautiful home uses sierra blue ledger stacked stone panels to give a natural, organic feel as you approach the front door.  Treatment to the front wall and entry column provide the ideal offset to the other materials at use.

Bourget Blend Stone Home

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We are always looking for new and exciting stone treatments and applications, and our proprietary Bourget Blend Stone achieves just that.  At this exquisite home, the end result is exterior stone work whose coloration and composition can simply not be found anywhere else.

Real Used Brick on Front Entry

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This home uses real used brick to create a front entry and porch that can add a sense of history and craftsmanship to any setting.  Real used bricks are literally taken from old buildings that have been torn down and recycled into an antique looking piece with many unique features.

Basalt Layered Fountain

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The soft splash of a fountain brings life and motion to the backyard.  It attracts more birds than still water alone, and its soothing sound track transforms your space into a peaceful retreat.

This striking hand crafted Basalt layered fountain creates a centerpiece and talking point in any yard.

Basalt columns are natural rock formations created by the rapid cooling of lava on the earth’s surface millions of years ago.


Hudson Tile Floor

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This lovely bathroom floor was expertly crafted with our Hudson tile.  Its muted coloration and tile placement creates a sense of movement and texture throughout the room.

St. Regis Thin Veneer Home

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Combining smoky greys and fiery reds, the St. Regis thin veneer used on this home explodes with color and ambience. Like the glowing embers of a warm fire, St. Regis stone will be sure to capture your gaze time and time again.

Lompoc Stone Bench

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This beautiful stone bench is custom crafted from Lompoc stone, and provides the ideal place to sit, relax and enjoy your outdoor setting.

Shown here with our Yosemite pebbles, it makes for a very attractive drought tolerant landscaping option.